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Forum general rules
General forum rules for the whole forum.
Arrow Spamming.
No spamming on this board at all.This includes:
  • Short messages. lol cool[Minimum three words per post otherwise it will be deleted and you will be warned.]
  • Text messages. y0 w@tz p00pin ma doo [This includes shortcuts also such as b/c for because etc. please take the time into quality of the post and write out the whole word.]
  • Off-topic messages. I like pie.(in a topic about online games)
  • A lot of similes in messages. Suspect I love you bounce bom [Maximum of three similes otherwise you will be warned.This [goes for images too.]
  • One person directed messages. Guest do you play club penguin?

Arrow Hack talk.
No hacking talk at all.This includes:
  • Saying the word hack.[You will get a banned for a week unless you meant hack with a different meaning.]
  • Providing a program that gives the ability to hack.[IP banned no exceptions.]
  • Saying how to hack.[IP banned no exceptions.]
  • Attempt hacking a user or this forum or if we found out you hacked something else.[E-mail banned and IP banned no exceptions.]

Arrow Attacking other users/staff.
Please no attacking.This includes:
  • Swearing at another user in a post.[You will get an automatic infraction hence the warnings.]
  • Swearing at another user in a pm.[You will get warned.]
  • Swearing at staff in a post.[You will get banned for two days.]
  • Swearing at staff in a pm.You will get banned for a day.
  • Just fighting without swearing.[You will get warned.]

No swearing please.This includes:

  • Using swearing against another user/staff.[You will get an infraction.]
  • Just swearing for fun.[You will get warned.]

Arrow Advertising.
No advertising in post.This includes:
  • Names of other forums or websites.[You will get warned.]
  • Exceptions are Myspace,Youtube,Meembo,Haboo,Clubpenguin,Runescape,photobucket,graphic program sites,forums,game programming sites,some other.(Must be official forums/sites not fan-forums/sites.)[If you are un-sure of a link or saying a link pm me or moderator.]
  • Links of other forums or websites that aren't official.[You will get an infraction.]

Arrow Double posting,etc.
No double posting allowed.This includes:
  • Triple.
  • Quadruple.
  • Etc.


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